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Shuzi Cuff Bracelet Brushed (XS-S)

Shuzi Cuff Bracelet Brushed (XS-S)


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Bamboo 3 Person Ceramic Outdoor Far Infrared Sauna (HB302)
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Bamboo 3 Person Ceramic Outdoor Far Infrared Sauna ETL Approved.

Recommended Accessories

COLOR_LIGHT Color Therapy Light with Remote Control (For Precision Therapy Saunas Only)


2010 Precision Therapy® Saunas

       All Precision Therapy® far infrared saunas feature high quality lumber and double wall construction. Using seperate panels on the inside and outside provide an insulation gap between the 2 walls, ensuring proper heat retention in your sauna. This same technology is used in building houses.

Sauna Cabin: Lifetime
Electronics: Lifetime
Heaters: Lifetime
Radio System: Lifetime


This sauna is approved for use in the United States and Canada, as well as most countries around the world. The marks and logos above are indication that this sauna was tested by the proper organizations. The ETL approval is specifically for the use in the USA and Canada.

General Features
Exterior Room Size: Width 55" x Depth 43" x Height 87"
Interior Room Size: Width 51" x Depth 39" x Height 85"
Operating Temperatures: This sauna can heat up to 130f - 140f.

The length of time to heat to full temperature will depend on the current room temperature. If your sauna is located in a room of 70f, it should heat to 120f in 15-30 minutes, which is the most commonly used temperature. Higher temperatures will be reached shortly after depending on the amount of power you have allotted for the sauna's power source.
Wall Construction: This sauna is built of solid wood and bamboo, double wall tongue and groove construction.
Wood Finish: The interior of this sauna is a smooth sanded finish. No glazes or glosses are used on the inside to prevent against any possible off-gas. The exterior is a water based finish to give your sauna a polished furniture appeal.
Wood Material: Hemlock and Bamboo
Window and Door Glass: All windows and doors come standard with tempered glass. Tempered glass is required to ensure that in the event that the glass were to break, it would not break like plate glass and have dangerous shards. Tempered glass will simply shatter into non dangerous peices.
Seating Capacity: 3 average size people
Seating Type: 1 extra deep bench across the back of the sauna
Power Requirements: 20 amp required
The sauna uses 110v

Standard Features
Magazine Rack: A magazine rack is included to help keep your reading material organized.
Towel Rack: This unit comes with a towel rack
Back Rest: This unit comes with a back rest
Interior Lighting: LED interior lights are provided.

Optional color changing light therapy is available. This lighting option has a remote control to change the color of the light inside the sauna, helping to change your overall mood and sauna experience

Electronic Features
Radio System: AM/FM with built in CD Player is included with stereo speakers
Air Purification: Electronic ionizer is included to help keep your sauna clean and fresh. This unit will help to purify the air inside the sauna. It can be turned on or off during your sauna session.
Control Panel: Soft touch easy read control panel is provided on the interior. You can set the temperature and time with the touch of a few buttons. The timer can be set from 0 to 60 minutes. The temperature can be set up to 140f.  

Heating System
Infrared Wavelengths: 5.6 - 15 um (microns)
Atmospheric Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa
Ceramic Heaters: This unit contains 7 heaters with up to 2400 watts of output power.

The heaters are high quality ceramic heaters used in most of the saunas on the market today. These are not the metal rod heaters, but have a tightly wound wire over a glass tube interior to ensure the proper far infrared wavelengths are emitted.
Heater Locations: 4 heaters on back wall
2 heaters on front wall
1 heater under the bench
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