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Bioelectric Shield - 14K Gold BioElectric Shield (3000)
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The ultimate Shield for your protection and energy balance. When you strive for high performance or life demands a lot of you, then simply put, you'll want to go for the gold. Due to the fluctuating price of gold, please please be aware that prices can change at any time.

The gold offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal matrix. The wearer enjoys at least 50% more balancing and strengthening than the standard Shield. Many people wearing an all-gold Shield notice a wonderful opening, strengthening and balancing in the heart chakra. We recommend it to anyone who can make this investment. The return to the wearer is immense and immeasurable.

If you work on a computer or carry a cell phone, you are exposing yourself to large amounts of EMF, electromagnetic radiation. For a shield that blocks EMF, and offers the ultimate impersonal EMF protection, the all natural 14K Gold BioElectric Shields are unsurpassed. They shield you from all energy negativity - from people, all electromagnetic devices (portable or cell phones, remote controls, etc.), or negative situations.

Why are the 14K Gold Shields the most powerful Shields we offer? Because the gold offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal matrix, you enjoy 50% more balancing and strengthening than the classic shield. We recommend these Shields for those who are sensitive to energy or work many hours a week in front of computers. Wearing this Shield, many say that they are calm, and feel an inner strength, as well as feeling strongly protected from unhealthy energies.


"I have upgraded to a Gold shield and yesterday while wearing it for the first time I have noticed a significance in the energy flow and much more energy than before, it was quite noticeable. The shield feels very wonderful while wearing it.

I would like to mention as well not only about the Shield also I am very impressed from the customer service that I have received with the shield a year later. and from the whole dynamics, I thank you All in the BioElectric Shield Company."
With Lot's of Gratitude
Geva Alon, International Energy and Yoga Teacher

"In our experience the shield works excellent. We feel absolutely fine and balanced, its very hard to express it in words. And this extends to the whole body: For example we hadn't any cold or flu since wearing the shield, and we spent over 2 months in rainy, cold and grey Germany."
Joerg Heuer, Germany

"I upgraded from a brass tab to a 14k Shield when they first came out in 1998. I'm normally pretty intuitive, but I was amazed at the difference in my intuitive perception. I was at a trade show selling the BioElectric Shield. I was able to very clearly feel what was happening when people tried on a Shield...I could sense the changes in both their physical and etheric bodies in ways I'd never done before and totally without effort. The big plus for me, even though I was very tuned into each person, I didn't take on any of their "stuff" and was still energized at the end of a long day. In fact, that weekend for the first time ever, I went out to one of the vendor parties instead of crashing in my room."

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