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Bioelectric Shield - All Brass Brushed (1004-S)
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The All-Brass Shield is an excellent multi-purpose Shield, providing protection from all types of electromagnetic radiation as well as negative energy from people, places, or things. This is a very durable metal and is an excellent choice for people who are very physically active or anyone concerned with price.

The price makes this Shield a good choice for children, pets and even babies (If they're too young to wear a Shield, hang it in their room and they're protected).

NOTE: The All-Brass Shield does tarnish quickly for some people. Depending on your body chemistry, please be aware that your Shield will change color ranging from a lovely bronze brown to green. This is natural oxidation process for any brass that has not been sealed in polyurethane. Performance is not affected by tarnish. As long as you are choosing function over appearance, you will love this Shield.

To assist you with the tarnishing issue, this Shield comes with a free polishing kit and a drawstring pouch (so you can carry in a pocket or pin this shield to your clothing). To maximize appearance, polish daily.

Do not seal your Shield with nail polish or any coating, as this will significantly interfere with the performance of the Shield.

The Earth Resonance Technology of our crystal matrix creates the protective energy that surrounds you as you wear a Shield. The best conductor of this energy is gold, followed by silver, and lastly, brass. The silver pendants are slightly stronger than the brass. The brass shield will offer you excellent protection from these unhealthy energies (certainly more powerful than any of the other pendants available on the Internet). By all means, get protected today.

If you chose, you can upgrade to another shield within 3 months and get the full trade-in value of your original shield. If you trade up between 3 months and a year, you can upgrade and get full trade-in value less $25 recharging/repolishing fee (Shield must be in good condition to trade-in).

As long as you understand that you will either have to polish the Shield regularly, or accept the natural character of brass to oxidize, you should be very pleased with this choice.

This Shield is an excellent choice where price is more of an issue than appearance.

This is one of our classic shields because it's the original round shape and tab design. It is considered an excellent multi-purpose Shield. All of our research was done using this style. It comes in a satin or polished finish. For those who work around computers, carry cell phones many hours a day, or are very sensitive to energy, we invite you to consider getting the stronger gold tab style.

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