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SARSK Radiation-Free MONO HOOK Headset -3.5mm (SR002MH)
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SARSK Blue Tube Radiation-Free Head Set

The SARSK Blue Tube Radiation-Free Head Set devices integrates a hollow tube which produces an acoustic exchange (similar to a doctor's stethoscope) through an air tube cord which is actually wire free and hollow, allowing the sound of the voice to still be transmitted to your ear, but not the radiation waves. The hollow tube goes all the way from the microphone to the ear, allowing potentially harmful radiation to dissipate before reaching your ear canal and brain—as opposed to conventional headset earpieces that can conduct and emit EMF.


1. SARSK anti-radiation technology:  Air tubes deliver crystal clear sound from stereo speakers encased in cases a safe distance from your ears. This also means no radiation is conducted to your ear as with standard wired headsets.

2. Hands-free: The answer/end button offers freedom of use while talking on the phone.

3. "Anti-drop" earhook: A unique design to give you a secure fit.

4. Standard 3.5mm jack plug: To suit most modern mobile phones.

5. Noise Isolating: Maximum sound clarity delivered by noise cancelling rubber earbuds.

SARSK Head Set operate on a standard 3.5mm jack plug that fits the majority of mobile phones:

• Apple: all iphone models, iPad, iPod

• Samsung: Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII, Note

• Motorola: Droid, Devour, LG Rhythm, Tritan

• HTC: Android, Desire, Incredible, Nexus, Legend, Sensation, Wildlife, Hero, My touch, One

• Blackberry: Pearl / Bold/ Curve/ Storm series

The World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation “as possibly carcinogenic o humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer”. Read the

Disclaimer: It is extremely important to emphasize that although SARSK Head Phones reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 98%, complete mitigation of medical risks associated with cell phone use cannot be guaranteed. Whilst using the SARSK Head Phones when talking on your phone, please continue to follow your cell phone producer’s safety instructions relating to the proper and safe use of your device.

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