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The Neutralizer EMF Protection Chip (Tri-Pack) (2015)
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The Neutralizer (3-Pack)
The Neutralizer reduces the effects of harmful radiation from EMF.

Use the The Neutralizer on the following electronic devices for added protection:
  • Computer Towers
  • Laptops
  • Microwaves
  • Cordless Phones
  • Televisions
  • Video Game Equipment
  • Bedroom Alarm Clocks

The Neutralizer Will Work on Any Cell Phone

The Neutralizer is effective against harmful EMF/RF radiation with any style of Cellular phone:

  • Any antenna style
  • Any brand or model
  • Digital, analog or dual mode cell phones
  • New models as well as older styles

The Neutralizer Will Not Interfere with the Functioning of Your Cell Phone

Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the Neutralizer will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission. Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you wanted it to be. It will no longer be dangerous to your DNA and your health.

The Neutralizer is convenient and Easy to Use.

There is no complicated installation procedure with the Aulterra Neutralizer. Just peel the backing from the disc, and apply it to any flat, smooth surface on your cellular phone or other electronic device. The adhesive will stick to almost any surface, providing constant protection for as long as it remains on the device.

"It turns out that a call lasting just two minutes can open the "blood-brain barrier" in kids as well as adults, allowing toxins in the blood stream to cross this blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two minute cell phone exposure also disrupts the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour.

Thomas William, "Cell Phone Hurt Children Even Worse Than Adults," Convergence Weekly, July 2003

Cell Phone EMF Protection Tab

Man-Made EMF's

Man-made EMFs have a chaotic energy and different frequency than natural EMFs and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMFs to be hazardous. Human-made EMFs may cause cancer and present other grave dangers to human health.

The Lenson Aulterra Neutralizer is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA. Noted DNA researcher Dr. Maria Syldona recently completed a study in which she concluded.

' . . . the natural coherent energy emanating from the Neutralizer neutralized the incoherent energy from the man-made EMF, rendering it harmless to human DNA.

I have a Neutralizer on all my cordless phones as well as my cell phone, and I wont let my daughter or her friends use their cell without one. It really is the only genuine thing on the market - try muscle testing with and without one, - it'll blow you away.

Author: OB from Los Angeles, CA United States, October-2006

The reasonably priced Neutralizer will be a small price to pay for the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your loved ones are safe from the harmful effects of EMF exposure.


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 Get the Ultimate in Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Other cell phone radiation protectors act as blockers or absorbers.  The Aulterra Neutralizer is a better solution.  Blockers simply block a portion of the stream of the radiation, and most of the radiation simply moves around the blocking device.  Absorbers do absorb cell phone radiation, but quickly become saturated and stop working.  The Aulterra Neutralizer keeps on working, neutralizing cell phone radiation.

Three micro-thin layers of activated rare-earth elements produce the thinnest, most effective neutralizer ever.

Simply place the small holographic disc on your phone to combat harmful radiation.

What is the Aulterra Neutralizer and what is it made of?

The Aulterra Neutralizer is a small, unobtrusive disk that neutralizes harmful cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) protecting you and your family.

The Aulterra Neutralizer is made from a patented blend of paramagnetic elements including cerium and lanthanum and a rare inorganic compound derived from a crystalline mineral found in only one known site in the world.

How does it work?

The Neutralizer is science that works!  Reproducible tests prove that the Aulterra Neutralizer retunes the EMF frequencies of cell phones and other electronic devices into coherent energy. Once the frequencies are converted, they no longer harm to your DNA. The secret of the Neutralizer lies in the crystalline matrix mixed into the ink of the Neutralizer patch.

Neutralizer's developer, Kim Dandurand identified the crystalline properties while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996.  He used the blend of material to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfills. He then investigated whether the paramagnetic substance could be used to neutralize the EMFs from cell phones and electronic equipment. Kim Dandurand funded a research program at the Quantum Biology Research Laboratories. Experiments showed that human DNA reacted adversely to EMFs emanating from cell phones. Tests on human DNA proved that with an Aulterra Neutralizer attached to a cell phone the natural coherent fields from the Neutralizer had successfully harmonized the incoherent EMFs rendering them harmless to living tissue.

What is the difference between blockers and absorbers and the Aulterra Neutralizer?

The Neutralizer neither blocks radiation nor absorbs it. Any device that blocked 100% of the EMFs from a cell phone would make it useless. Absorbers become saturated and fail to function. The Neutralizer works by neither blocking nor absorbing cell phone radiation.  Instead, the Neutralizer changes the manmade frequencies into coherent, harmless frequencies?the way nature intended.

How do I use it?

Peel the back from the Neutralizer and place it directly on the back of your cell phone or inside the battery cover.  The Neutralizer protects you from radiation from your cell phone and radiation from cell phone towers.  The effective range is a 36 diameter sphere from the Neutralizer.

Will it affect the use of my phone?

The Aulterra Neutralizer does not negatively affect cellular phone reception or transmission.

Will it work on other electronic devices?

For added protection, the Aulterra Neutralizer can be used on the following electronic devices: Wi-Fi routers, tablets, laptops, desktops, microwaves, cordless telephones, baby monitors, televisions, video game equipment, and more.

How long does it last?

Because the Neutralizer does not attempt to block or absorb radiation, it does not become saturated, and will last as long as the Neutralizer remains intact. Placing it inside the phone, where it will not get damaged, will prolong its life.

What are the Neutralizer's benefits?

? Protects you and your loved ones

? Neutralizes harmful cell phone radiation and EMF

? Protects vital organs

? Protects reproductive organs

? Reduces EMF and radiation induced headaches and pain symptoms

? Boosts natural energy levels

? Aligns electrical fields

? Promotes deeper and more refreshing sleep patterns

? Can be used on any electrical device

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