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Shuzi Cuff Bracelet Brushed (XS-S)

Shuzi Cuff Bracelet Brushed (XS-S)


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The new WaveWall Universal gives you all-round protection from mobile radiation.

Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field that produces radiation in order to work, it powers everything that allows your phone to communicate with the network. This keeps happening even when you aren't actively using the phone and are just carrying it around. We keep our phones close but that also means keeping ourselves within their electromagnetic field and subject to radiation. Mobile radiation has been found to cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

WaveWall Universal is an anti-radiation mobile phone case that blocks the electromagnetic field. Special fabric on one side shields the body when you keep the WaveWall logo towards you. But the phone can still be used completely normally.

The case also protects your phone from scratches and bumps with a stylish, high quality faux leather in black and a soft red fabric interior. A handy section for your bank or other cards is also protected - blocking RFID so it stops your cards being scanned and having data stolen.

Use the adhesive pads to attach your phone to the case and when fitted correctly you can use all the features of your phone normally, including the rear camera. First, make sure the slider inside the case is in the down position.

Next, take the red sticker off the slider and the 3M backing off the adhesive pad and put the pad where the sticker was. Then you just need to attach your phone by removing the protective plastic from the pad and placing your phone in the right position on the case. The pad will hold the phone firmly in place and the slider means you can slide your phone up to use the rear camera.

Most phone makes and models can use WaveWall Universal including iPhone 5, 6 and 7 series, Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 and new S8 - check your phone against the sizes below.

Pair with WaveWall Airtubes for complete anti-radiation protection for your body and your head.

If your WaveWall product breaks within 24 months of initial purchase due to a manufacturing or design defect, send us a photo of the damaged product via email plus your order details and we'll replace your damaged WaveWall product free of charge. 

Must register for warranty at time of purchase:      WaveWall accepts no responsibility nor liability for any damage to any third party items (including your phone).

Want to know more about our Independent Testing, click



If your phone is within the following dimensions (length and width - not thickness), then it will fit our WaveWall Universal:

  • LARGE: 160 x 77mm (eg Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6/6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4, Moto G4 and more!)
  • SMALL: 144 x 70mm (eg iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S4 and more!)

Great Gift Idea!

 All-round protection from mobile radiation

Protects your phone from scratches and bumps

A handy section for your bank or other cards and protects from RFID Theft!

24 Month Durability Guarantee!

Large fits up to 6″ screens

Small fits up to 4″ screens

** Phone sizing below in product description

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How WaveWall Works

Independent testing has shown that WaveWall reduces the amount of mobile phone radiation that reaches your body by 87%. But how does it do this?

WaveWall's patent-pending design incorporates a unique fabric constructed from metallic fibres. A layer of this fabric is sandwiched between the leather on one side of the case and its microfibre lining. Although you cannot see the metallic fabric, whenever your phone is switched on this protective layer is defending you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that your mobile produces.

A long-established scientific concept adapted to a new use.

When the WaveWall case is placed the correct way round in your pocket, the metallic fabric redirects radiation away from your private regions. The way it works is that the metallic fibres in the fabric act like a Faraday cage, dissipating the electromagnetic microwaves before they reach your body. You can understand this easily if you think of the microwaves as being larger than the tiny gaps between the metallic fibres, and therefore unable to pass between them. Instead of penetrating the metallic fabric, the microwaves just bounce off.

The basic concept of using metal shielding to deflect electromagnetism is tried and tested, and has been used for years. What makes WaveWall unique is the way we have adapted the concept to create a discrete, convenient and easily portable ‘shield' to allow safe use of a mobile phone.

NOTE: We no longer use genuine leather. All products are vegan.

Safe and effective, without interfering with your mobile's reception.

A particular feature of WaveWall is that although it stops radiation from reaching your body, it does not interfere at all with your mobile phone's reception. This is because the protective fabric is only situated on the side of the case that goes next to your body (the flat side without the tab). The rest of the case is just normal leather, so your phone can still receive and send data as usual.

By using WaveWall you no longer have to compromise between the convenience of your mobile phone, and worrying about the risk it poses to your fertility.

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