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Shuzi Pets Testimonials

Kim Reeves (Menlo Park, California)

I just wanted to write you with an update for Ollie, the one for whom you sent the Shuzi cat collar. Last night was the first night in the entire time I've had Ollie (almost a year and a half) that I didn't hear her coughing and clearing her throat throughout the night. She was completely quiet. I attribute that to the effect of the collar you sent. Thanks again for being so generous and thoughtful. Your gift has clearly made a huge difference in the quality of her life!

Linda Hope (Ontario, Canada)

I think the dog collar really worked....the dog at home was very ill, couldn't walk, just dragged his hind legs for days........we put the collar on him - and in a couple of days he seemed to fine.....better, in fact, than ever!!

Joseph Cox (Fallbrook, CA)

"Meekah is a 9 year old house cat with an overactive thyroid and dysfunctional kidney. At the time of this diagnosis, the Dr. also noted that she had an elevated heart rate. Meekah has been wearing the Shuzi collar for about 2 months and I took her for a follow-up examination on Friday, 16 Sep 2011. The Dr. said that Meekah’s heart rate had settled into normal range and all of her blood work looked good. I told the Dr. that Meekah was wearing a Shuzi collar, Impressed by the results, he was interested in obtaining more information about PHD."

Edie Renkema (Grande Prairie, AB. Canada)

I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for my daughters little dog Tammy. The kids jumped on the bed and didn't see little Tammy. She spent a week in the vets with a very severe back injury. They gave her anti inflammatory shots and sent her home with pills. A week at home and she still had difficulty walking. My daughter put the PHD tag on the Tammy on Monday night and on Tuesday the she was scampering down the driveway. Dogs can’t lie, I’m sold. I’ve ordered a ring and can’t wait to put it on

Jill Bates (New Zealand)

Having two dogs with health problems, Shuzi Qi collars have certainly been fantastic with giving such a quick response. I highly recommend them.

Customer (Malaysia)

"The PHD Shuzi chip is quite amazing! I fastened a pHD dog tag on my older dog that had been suffering from a skin condition for quite some time and after just 2 weeks I noticed a considerable improvement in my dog's rashes. They appeared to be subsiding without any change in diet or medication, just the Shuzi pHD dog tag! I'd recommend it highly to any other dog owners"

Jennifer (San Clemente, CA)

"I had watched the quality of my dogs life and health improve while he was on a Clinical Trial for PHD, honestly I was amazed, Our beloved Basset Hound had to have back surgery a few years back, after this he was never quite the same, he was always stiff, lethargic and low on energy. He had been off and on anti inflammatory's and on glucosamine/chondritin, always having GI problems due to the med's/supplements. Once on PHD we saw an amazing improvement, we had our Frodo back, our Frodo 'pre-surgery'. He was now alert, not stiff, sharp and attentive and does not have the GI problems that seemed to crop up every couple weeks and sleeping better at night - there were no other changes in his life, it had to be the PHD. Dogs can't lie, they cannot know what a placebo is, this was the real deal!

I can only speak for myself and what I have seen and felt and I will never take off my PHD!"

Paul P. Valov (USA)

"I am a pet owner for most of my life and have seen many changes as my pets have gone from puppy stage thru maturity. I have taken my pets to various veterinarians and ,yes ,they have improved the health of my pets along with a bill that always shocks my wallet.

I was introduced to the Pet Health Defender in Dec 2009 , I placed the medallion on the collar of my Yorkie ,he is a very active ratter and run hops jumps after anything that moves. He came limping one afternoon and his rear right leg was not taking any weight.I put him on lock down to limit his activity 2 days later he was back to his old self. he has long hair so he is always a target for little critters to jump on and burrow in ,since introducing the PHD to Mischka i have noticed less scratching itching and a renewed vigor. He has remained very active and no noticeable limp. In short I am very pleased with the addition of the PHD to my best friend and would whole hearted recommend one to all pet owners. "

Just like humans our furry friends deserve to live stress free too! They are exposed to everyday stress just like us. SHUZI products; balance and harmonize your pet's energy and gives them the resilience to shield or resist the harmful effects of stress including man-made EMF radiation in their environment.

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By now, you may wonder how your pet can become a more balanced; and healthier pet using the Shuzi technology.

How it Works: Shuzi Pet utilizes Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT), developed by an engineer from Georgia Tech University. Tested and Proven; (NVT) emits a subtle vibration which resonates on a healthy cellular level. This vibration energizes the red blood cells and allows them to work more independently and efficiently, while at the same time strengthening and synchronizing the natural frequencies of the biofield (body energy). Improving the blood flow and strengthening the biofield enables your pet to have more resistance and resilience to the effects of everyday stress, such as annoying pests, separation anxiety, environmental toxins in the air and water, including hazardous exposures to (EMFs) electromagnetic radiation from electrical wiring, appliances and other electronic devices in the home or office. Read More> What is the source behind Shuzi’s power?

Have pet owners gone too far in pampering their pets? The answer is NO, if you care about your pet’s health! Shuzi Pets are mushrooming all over the world for those who want to provide quality health solutions for their pets to help them live in harmony. You can also purchase Shuzi products for yourself and loved ones…simply call us at 877-222-1957 to learn more! or click here!

Your Pet will love you for this!

Benefits Reported by Pet Parents:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Increases Joint and Muscle Strength
  • Reduces Allergies
  • Improves Overall Health and Well-Being
  • EMF Protection- Animals are more sensitive to these fields than humans
  • Provides balanced energy for better temperament
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    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
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