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Waveshield radio show on cell phone dangers
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What Others Are Saying!

"While doctors and scientists debate the question of cell phone dangers, I'm taking steps to protect myself and family with the Wave Shield protection system".

--- Roy B. Atlanta, GA

"I use a cell phone every day for my business. I had all the symptoms described in you literature --- headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Since I installed the Wave Shield, these symptoms have disappeared".

--- Terry S. Dallas, TX

"After I saw the special on 20/20, I believe that there is a serious problem with the radiation effects from cell phones. I think we'll find the problem is more wide spread as the public comes forward. In the meantime, I consider the Wave Shield as insurance against any potential health problems".

--- Jim S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The first thing I noticed after I started using the Wave Shield, was the heat from my cell phone disappeared. My cell phone was always hot after heavy use. I've heard about the dangers of cellular radiation and feel better knowing that I'm protected".

--- Orvin W. Shrievport, LA

"The most important thing to me is the health and safety of my family. I've read about the dangers of direct contact of microwave radiation. For piece of mind, I bought a Wave Shield for everyone in the family. It's comforting to know that we all have protection now".

--- Bill M. Miami, FL

"You deserve my appreciation for making Wave Shield, which has improved my business & health. Here's how and why...
I use my mobile phone exclusively for my business and personal use...having logged in as many as 8,000 minutes per month some months.
Since I started using Wave Shield on my mobile phone recently, I have found that my phone doesn't get hot like it used to do regularly. I used to need to stop using my phone since it got so hot, but now, I can use it all day without danger of burnout.
More importantly, the headaches I used to get often do not occur at all.
I also have friends & family who have lost loved ones to brain tumors recently. They believe these tumors may have possibly been caused by radiation from mobile phones since the tumors have been located in the areas on the side of the head where the ears are.
While I understand there is no conclusive long term evidence that mobile phone use causes brain tumors, why take a chance?!...This together with my positive experiences of having used Wave Shield regarding the elimination of headaches and hot phones as mentioned above, has caused me to tell all my friends and loved ones about Wave Shield.
Keep up the good work making these available for everyone and telling them about it!"

--- Brian H. Overland Park, KS

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