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Novafon SK2 (NFSK2)
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How Novafon Works

In 1928, Erwin Schliephake, a German scientist, discovered that sound waves accelerated healing. When sound waves are applied to the body, the cells and tissue absorb some of the energy, thus increasing circulation to enhance healing. A Novafon Transducer is a compact and high-precision electrical device which transmits sound waves to the treatment area through a ‘sound-head,’ applied without pressure to the skin surface. The sound waves can penetrate up to 2 1/4″ within the body, treating areas inaccessible to conventional manipulative techniques. The intensity of the waves and associated vibration can b
e adjusted easily, just like the volume on a radio.

The Novafon massager utilizes a sound transducer that vibrates at selected frequencies within the audible range (Level 1:   100 cycles per second (Hertz) ;  Level 2 for percussion:    50 cycles per second (Hertz)).   Sound waves are transmitted to the area through a specially designed “sound head”, applied without pressure to the skin surface.
The sound waves can penetrate up to 2 ¼” within the body, treating areas inaccessible to other techniques.

Furthermore, the intensity of the waves and accompanying vibration can be adjusted easily. The unit may look like an ultrasound unit, but Novafon uses audible sounds, a different technology. This provides intensive stimulation of the natural functions of the cellular, circulatory and nervous systems.

The Novafon has two speeds (high and low), and an intensity control knob.

There are two sound heads; flat for large areas, and round for points.

The Novafon can be used to stimulate cartilage, joints, muscles, and tissue. The direct consequence of each molecular impact is to create altering compression and dilation zones in effect, a form of massage, but at a cellular level, deep within the treated tissue. This stimulation results in an immediate and demonstrable tightening of the cell-wall membranes, leading to increased blood circulation and improved metabolism. It is by this intensive stimulation of the natural functions of the cellular, circulatory and nervous systems of the body that the beneficial effects of the therapy are achieved. Novafon simply gives nature a helping hand. Users report significant relief, particularly in the joints.

Frequently Asked Questions How does the Novafon unit actually function?

Novafon has a small head in the end of the unit that turns ordinary, household 60 Hz electricity into a range of audible sound waves that can easily penetrate the body up to 2.5 inches deep.

Does the Novafon generate heat in the tissues? No heat is generated. Any warming sensation is due to increased circulation.

Just what is it about the Novafon that does cause some relief? The sound waves or vibrations are in the hearing range and they stimulate local circulation and relax muscles and tissues just like any type of massage would, except much more gently.

What are the basics of the Novafon Unit? The Novafon handle weighs less than one pound. It uses less than 25 watts of electricity. The unit is very portable for trips since it is less than two pounds with the carrying case.

Are there any special instructions for best and safe use of the Novafon? Always unplug the transformer when not in use (extends the life of the transformer). It is recommended that the unit not be used on the lower back or the abdominal region of any pregnant woman. It is recommended that it not be used on the chest area of a person using a pacemaker. These are all reasonable and prudent precautions. If you have blood clot problems of the lower leg do not use the unit on your calf since any form of massage there could loosen the clots leading to extremely serious outcomes. As always, if you have any medical condition you are strongly urged to consult with your physician. Keep in mind that this is NOT a medical device and we make no medical claims regarding use.

Do I have to push the unit really hard against my body to get good results? No, in fact use only a light touch. About 1 or 2 ounces of pressure is best. If you push hard, you will dampen the power of the unit and stop its effectiveness.

How well built is the Novafon unit? It is an extremely fine, quality unit made in Europe by skilled technicians. The unit is a good appliance and like any quality unit should be treated as such. It is advised that turning the power knob should be done gently. It is also advised that if you use the unit with creams or oils that a plastic baggy be placed over the head of the unit to protect it from the creams and oils since they will rapidly degrade the rubber membrane found just under the power head. This use of oils and cremes is not covered under the warranty and will lead to repair fees. If you choose to change the head — screw off the head and screw on the other head, but please do NOT over-tighten the head as this can possibly damage the unit. The Novafon should yield great comfort for years if carefully used and kept clean. This chrome model includes a bi-modal switch with percussion therapy.

2 year manufacturer warranty. Ships via Standard Delivery.

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